Advancing Gender Equality in India: Achievements and Hurdles

  Aug 19, 2023

Gender Equality in India: Progress and Challenges

1. What is the status of women's education and employment in India?

Government data analysis reveals that women in India are less likely to receive education and secure employment compared to men. Many women have never used the internet, and the gender gap persists as a significant issue in the country.

2. What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi mention in his Independence Day speech?

In his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted areas of improvement in gender equality. He pointed out that India has a higher percentage of women pilots than many other countries, with around 15% of pilots in India being women, in contrast to 5% globally.

3. What is the situation in terms of women's education in different fields?

While there are more women studying science at the undergraduate level compared to men, the trend reverses in fields like engineering, technology, information technology, and computer science. The gender gap is prominent in these areas.

4. How has women's literacy improved since Independence?

Women's literacy has improved over the years. In 1951, fewer than 10% of women were literate. This has risen to 71.5% in the period 2019-21. Correspondingly, men's literacy has also increased from 27.15% to 84.4% during the same period.

5. How does women's labor force participation rate compare to men's?

The female labor force participation rate, indicating the proportion of women working or available for work, is 24%. This rate is lower compared to neighboring South Asian countries. Men dominate PAN allotments, with 62.84% of PANs allotted to them as of March 2019, while women received 37.2%.

6. What is the gender gap in internet usage?

The gap in internet usage is significant, with only 33.3% of women having used the internet compared to 57.1% of men. The gap is more pronounced in rural areas, where only 24.6% of women have used the internet as opposed to 48.7% of men.

7. What is the current state of gender equality in India?

Despite some improvements, gender equality remains a challenge in India, especially in terms of education, employment, and access to technology. The disparities between men and women in various aspects of life are still prevalent.


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