2023 Gati Shakti Master Plan Update

  Sep 06, 2023

Gati Shakti National Master Plan:Progress Report mid-2023

What is the Gati Shakti National Master Plan?

It is a flagship project launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at transforming the planning of infrastructure projects in India. The core idea is to ensure seamless inter-ministerial coordination, thereby improving the execution of infrastructure projects.

Why was the Gati Shakti initiative conceived?

Historically, infrastructure projects have faced delays due to various ministries working in isolation. There were instances when the need for certain clearances arose only after the commencement of a project or when there was a lack of proper connectivity in an economic zone. The Gati Shakti initiative was conceived to address these challenges and improve coordination.

How does the initiative promote collaborative functioning?

By integrating data from various government departments during the project's conceptualization phase, the initiative aims to preempt potential challenges and ensure smooth project execution without unnecessary delays.

What areas does the Gati Shakti initiative cover?

The initiative consolidates infrastructure schemes from ministries and state governments, encompassing areas like textile clusters, pharmaceutical corridors, electronic parks, fishing clusters, agricultural zones, and many more.

How does the digital planning tool, the National Master Plan, aid the initiative?

Acting as an extensive database for ongoing and future projects, the National Master Plan provides data from 39 ministries engaged in economic zone development and all 36 states and Union Territories.

What has the Gati Shakti approach achieved so far?

The approach has identified critical connectivity gaps, high congestion areas on highways and railways, and provided solutions to these challenges. It's aiding in anticipating unexpected hurdles, and as per internal estimates, it has expedited the sanctioning of pending project plans by up to seven times within a year.

What are the future implications of the initiative?

By integrating various modes of transportation into a unified portal, the initiative is poised to enhance the efficiency of the transportation network across railways, highways, and waterways.

How does Gati Shakti contribute to the government's 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' (self-reliant India) vision?

Gati Shakti is in line with the government’s vision of a self-reliant India, aiming to improve connectivity, boost economic growth, enhance the competitiveness of Indian businesses, and attract foreign investments.

Are there challenges the initiative is yet to overcome?

Yes, there are challenges related to environmental regulatory barriers and bureaucratic processes which the initiative is actively addressing. Moreover, coordination between ministries like Railways and the National Highways Authority of India remains a challenge being actively addressed.

Is the platform open to all?

Currently, the platform is accessible only to government departments and ministries. Stay updated with the progress of Gati Shakti and other initiatives through our dedicated channels and website for a comprehensive understanding.

National Master Plan (NMP)


Ministries/Departments Involved:

Total: 39 ministries. Notable Ministries: Road transport and highways, railways, coal, civil aviation, ports, shipping and waterways, petroleum and natural gas, etc.

States Involved:

All 36 states and Union Territories.

Tech Support:

Developed by: Bhaskaracharya National Institute for Space Applications and Geoinformatics (BISAG-N).
Administrative control: Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.
Uses the power of GIS (Geographic Information System) technology.
Incorporates specific action plans from all ministries into a comprehensive database.
Real-time updates and mapping of all infrastructure projects.
Built on open-source technologies.
Uses satellite imagery from Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and base maps from Survey of India.
Provides separate user login IDs to ministries for updating their data.
Integrates data from all ministries into a unified platform.

Projects under Gati Shakti:

100 projects have been assessed based on the principles of PM Gati Shakti.
Each project is worth over ~500 crore.
Collectively worth ~5.89 trillion.
Assessed in 54 Network Planning Group (NPG) meetings since the launch of NMP.
The NPG is an inter-ministerial panel that reviews all publicly-funded projects.

Breakdown of Projects:

Railways: 40 projects
Road transport and highways: 40 projects
Housing and urban affairs: 8 projects
National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation: 5 projects
Petroleum and natural gas: 4 projects
Ports, shipping and waterways: 2 projects
Renewable energy: 1 project
This presents a concise overview of the National Master Plan and its associated aspects.

Gati Shakti Projects:Table

Ministry Project Name / Description States Involved
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Pune–Bengaluru Expressway Maharashtra, Karnataka
  Chennai-Trichy–Tuticorin EXP Tamil Nadu
  Indo-Nepal Border–Haldia Corridor Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal
  Gorakhpur-Siliguri Corridor Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal
  Bareilly–Gorakhpur Corridor Uttar Pradesh
  Ludhiana–Shamli–Bareilly with spur to Dasna Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh
  Hyderabad-Bengaluru Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka
  Jhansi-Lakhnadon-Raipur Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
  Mandi Dabwali–Panipat Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh
  Construction of 4-Lane Access Controlled Greenfield Highway section in Telangana Telangana, Andhra Pradesh
  Hyderabad-Nagpur Maharashtra, Telangana
  Pune–Ahmednagar–Aurangabad Corridor Maharashtra
  Lalsot–Kishangarh–Jodhpur Corridor Rajasthan
  Bangalore Ring Road (STRR) Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs Delhi-Gurugram-SNBRRTS Project Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan
  DMRTS Phase-IV (Three Corridors) Delhi
  Thane Integral Ring Metro Project Maharashtra
Ministry of Railways New line between Barbil-Nayagarh and other sections Odisha, Jharkhand
  Sonnagar-Andal 3rd & 4th railway line Bihar, West Bengal
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Green Energy Corridor Phase-II Ladakh, Haryana
This table provides an organized representation of projects under various ministries along with the states involved.
Stay updated with the progress of Gati Shakti and other initiatives through our dedicated channels and website for a comprehensive understanding: You can also stay connected with us on our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram.


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