UN's Ambitious 59-63 Goals in the Fight Against Tuberculosis

  Sep 26, 2023

Fight Against Tuberculosis: UN's Ambitious Goals

UN's Declaration for TB Eradication

World leaders at the United Nations General Assembly's high-level meeting on the fight against tuberculosis (TB)
have approved a political declaration to advance efforts to end the disease by 2030.

Ambitious Targets Ahead

The document lays out ambitious new targets for the next five years, including reaching 90% of people with TB prevention and care services,
providing social benefit packages to those with the disease, and licensing at least one new vaccine.

Persisting Challenges

Despite significant progress, TB remains a global challenge, exacerbated by inequities, conflicts, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Action is needed to address the key drivers of infection,
reduce stigma, and ensure universal health coverage.
This declaration signifies a renewed global commitment to combat TB and save lives, acknowledging the urgency of the task at hand.


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