Israel - Hamas Conflict : Recent Attack and Global Impact.

  Oct 09, 2023

FAQ: Israel 'at war' as Hamas Attack Leaves 200 Dead

What happened in the recent attack by Hamas on Israel?

Hamas launched a large-scale attack on Israel, killing at least 200 people. The attack involved gunmen crossing into Israel and firing rockets from Gaza.
Hamas also claimed to have taken dozens of hostages, including senior Israeli officials.

What has been Israel's response?

Israel has retaliated with air strikes into Gaza, resulting in at least 198 Palestinian deaths and 1,610 injuries. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Israel is in a war and vowed that the enemy will pay a heavy price.

What is Hamas' stated reason for the attack?

Hamas claims the attack is a response to Israel's escalated actions against Palestinians in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and against Palestinians in Israeli prisons.

Are there any hostages involved?

Yes, Hamas claims to have taken a significant number of Israeli hostages, including senior officials. They claim to have enough hostages to negotiate the release of all Palestinians from Israeli jails.

What is the scale of casualties and injuries?

At least 200 people have been killed in Israel, and more than 1,000 have been wounded. In Gaza, at least 198 people have been killed, and 1,610 have been wounded in Israel's retaliatory air strikes.

What is the international community saying?

The international community has not been mentioned in the provided text, so their stance or actions in response to this situation are not known at this time.

How is this attack different from previous conflicts?

This attack marks an unprecedented infiltration into Israel by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip and is considered the heaviest blow for Israel in its conflict with Palestinians since the suicide bombings of the Second Intifada about two decades ago.

What are the potential long-term implications?

The long-term implications could be severe, potentially leading to a protracted conflict and further destabilizing the region. The situation could also impact international relations and provoke global responses.

Is there any involvement from other countries or groups?

Israel has stated that the Iran-backed group (Hamas) has declared war, but no other countries' involvement is mentioned in the provided text.

What are the immediate next steps?

Immediate next steps are unclear, but both sides have indicated a willingness to escalate, making the situation extremely volatile.

India's Stance on Israel-Hamas Conflict

Solidarity with Israel: Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed India's support for Israel amid the attacks from Hamas.

Security Advisory: The Indian embassy in Tel Aviv advised Indian nationals to follow security protocols and stay near safety shelters.

Indians 'Stuck': Meghalaya's Chief Minister reported that 27 people from the state are stuck in Bethlehem due to the conflict.

Close Relations: India and Israel have strong ties in security, defence, and technology sectors.

Flight Cancellation: Air India's New Delhi-Tel Aviv flight was cancelled due to the active conflict zone over Israel.

Global Impact: Citizens from Nepal and Sri Lanka have also been affected, with injuries and captivities reported.

Bnei Menashe Concerns: Members of the Bnei Menashe community from India's northeast, who are now Israeli citizens, are of particular concern as they serve in border areas.

This situation highlights the global ramifications of the Israel-Hamas conflict, affecting not just the immediate region but also countries with nationals and interests in Israel.</


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