Strengthening Cybersecurity and Digital Services in Expanded

  Aug 21, 2023

Expansion of Digital India Program: Fortifying Cybersecurity and Digital Services

Enhancing Digital Accessibility and Cybersecurity

The Union Cabinet has given the green light to a five-year extension and expansion of the Digital India program. This comprehensive program, now bolstered with a budget of ₹14,903 crore, aims to further digital accessibility, cybersecurity, and upskilling across various sectors. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw highlighted the importance of affordable cybersecurity tools for small businesses, schools, hospitals, and individuals. The program focuses on ensuring easy access to cybersecurity resources and low-cost solutions.

Key Elements of the Expanded Digital India Program:

  Cybersecurity Focus: Addressing the need for accessible cybersecurity solutions, the program will develop tools specifically designed for small businesses, schools, and hospitals.
•  Upskilling and Reskilling: The expansion plans include upskilling and reskilling training for 6.25 lakh IT professionals, empowering them with the latest digital skills.
•  Information Security Training: Around 2.65 lakh employees will receive specialized information security training to enhance their ability to combat cyber threats.
•  Modernizing Connectivity: The National Knowledge Network (NKN), established in 2010, will be modernized to improve high-speed broadband connectivity among educational and research institutions.
  UMANG Platform Enhancement: The Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) platform, which offers access to various government services, will see the addition of 540 more services.
•  Empowering MSMEs: DigiLocker, the government's online document repository, will expand to serve Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises (MSMEs), simplifying their access to verified documents for business purposes.


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