Ethics & Integrity: A Brief Overview

  Sep 08, 2023

Ethics and Integrity

Corruption in India: From Definition to Detriment


Definition and Context:

Understanding Corruption: Corruption encompasses a range of illicit actions, including bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power for personal gain. It obstructs genuine progress, erodes public trust, and skews resource distribution.

Historical Roots:

Colonial Legacy: Colonial administrative systems may have inadvertently set the stage for some forms of bureaucratic corruption.
Political Dynasties: In some regions, prolonged political dominance led to unchecked power, opening doors for graft and corrupt practices.

Modern-Day Manifestations:

Bureaucratic Hurdles: Archaic processes and excessive discretionary powers often encourage unsavory under-the-table deals.
Political Nexus: Numerous scandals, often involving kickbacks and crony capitalism, have marred the country's political landscape over the years.
Judicial Delays: Extended timelines for corruption trials can reduce the immediate repercussions for corrupt activities, reducing deterrence.

Economic Repercussions:

Foreign Investment: Potential investors may hesitate to invest in a landscape riddled with corruption due to the unpredictability it introduces.
Developmental Goals: Misappropriation of public funds can derail crucial welfare and infrastructure projects.

Global Perspective:

Transparency International: India's position on the Corruption Perception Index offers insights into its struggles and occasional victories against this malaise.


Right to Information (RTI): A tool for citizens, the RTI Act shines a light on government processes, promoting transparency.
Specialized Institutions: Bodies like the Anti-Corruption Branches and Lokpal have been instituted specifically to probe and counteract corruption.


While corruption remains a significant challenge, understanding its nature and implications is the first step in crafting effective countermeasures. Through collaborative efforts from the public, private sectors, and civil society, India can aspire to diminish this longstanding issue.


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