Battery Power: Energizing Progress in Modern Technology

  Nov 18, 2023

Electric Batteries and Their Function

What is the primary function of an electric battery?

Electric batteries store and release electrical energy, which they acquire by converting other forms of energy. They are crucial for powering a wide array of devices without the need for direct electrical connections.

How did the concept of the electric battery come about?

The electric battery's concept emerged from experiments with electrochemical cells in the 18th and 19th centuries, where scientists like Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta discovered the generation of electric currents through chemical reactions.

What is a voltaic or galvanic cell?

A voltaic or galvanic cell produces an electric current through redox reactions, involving two half-cells with metal electrodes immersed in an electrolyte, connected by a wire and a salt bridge that allows electron exchange.

What roles do the cathode and anode play in a battery?

In a battery, the cathode is the positively charged electrode that receives electrons, while the anode is the negatively charged electrode that supplies electrons during redox reactions.

What are some common types of batteries used today?

Commonly discussed batteries include lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, used in various portable electronics and electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cells, which are of interest for clean energy applications.

Why are Li-ion batteries significant?

Li-ion batteries have revolutionized portable power due to their rechargeable nature, allowing them to convert chemical energy to electrical energy and vice versa, making them integral to modern electronic devices and electric vehicles.

What is the future potential of batteries in terms of sustainability?

Research on batteries like hydrogen fuel cells is pivotal for developing sustainable energy solutions, such as the envisioned hydrogen economy, which India aims to become a "global hub" for with its National Green Hydrogen Mission.


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