India's Edible Oil Economy

  Sep 13, 2023

Edible Oil Economy of India

Oilseeds and Edible Oil Overview:

Oilseeds: Crops grown for edible oil extraction.
Variety: Soybeans, groundnuts, sunflower, mustard seeds, palm kernels.
Essential for Indian cuisine.

Production and Demand:

Crucial Role: India's oilseed production meets edible oil demand.
Influencing Factors: Weather, soil quality, agricultural practices.
Imports: Necessary when domestic production falls short.

Imports of Edible Oils:

India is a major importer.
Types: Palm oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil.
Complement domestic production.

Sources of Edible Oil Imports:

Primary Suppliers: Indonesia and Malaysia (palm oil).
Others vary based on market conditions and trade agreements.

Import Demand and Trends:

Influenced by population growth, dietary changes, and industrial use.
Upward Trend: Increasing edible oil imports over the years.
Government Measures: Regulating import duties, promoting domestic oilseed cultivation.


Essential to India's food industry.
Balance needed between domestic production and imports to meet dietary needs.

Edible Oil Production and Import Figures in India:

Oilseeds (2021-22): 38 million metric tonnes.
Demand: 25-26 million metric tonnes annually.
Imports (2022-23): 25% increase in the first nine months.
Estimated Total Imports (2022-23): Up to 15.5 million tonnes.
Major Imports: Palm oil (59%), soybean, sunflower, canola oil.
Import Bill (2021-22): ₹1.6 trillion.
Price Trends: 17% lower prices in July 2023.
Price Volatility: 19% rise in palm oil futures (Sept 2023).
Government Measures: Reduced import duties, promoted oil palm cultivation.
Biotech Initiatives: Approved genetically modified mustard pending Supreme Court field trials.
These figures illustrate the critical role of edible oil production and imports in India's food economy, with efforts to strike a balance between domestic production and imports to satisfy the country's growing edible oil demand.


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