Revolutionizing Agriculture: e-NAM Initiative

  Aug 17, 2023

e-NAM( electronic National Agriculture Market)

What is e-NAM?

e-NAM, or electronic National Agriculture Market, is a digital platform introduced in 2016 to facilitate online trading of agricultural commodities in India. It connects various agricultural mandis (marketplaces) across the country and enables farmers to sell their produce to buyers through digital means.

What is the current trade turnover on e-NAM?

The trade turnover on the e-NAM platform is projected to cross Rs. 1 trillion in the current fiscal year, a significant increase from the previous year's turnover of Rs. 74,656 crore.

How has inter-mandi trade on e-NAM grown?

During the April-July period of the current fiscal year, there has been a 287% spike in inter-mandi trade on e-NAM, amounting to Rs. 449 crore.

How many mandis are currently integrated with e-NAM?

As of now, 1,361 mandis across 27 states and Union Territories in India are integrated with the e-NAM platform.

What new mandis are being integrated with e-NAM?

An additional 25 new mandis from states like Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttarakhand are being integrated into the e-NAM platform, bringing the total number of integrated mandis to 1386.

What is the impact of e-NAM on agricultural trade?

e-NAM has transformed the agricultural trade landscape in India by promoting transparency, efficiency, and better price discovery for farmers. It enables farmers to connect with buyers from different regions and sell their produce digitally.

What commodities can be traded on e-NAM?

The e-NAM platform currently allows online trading in 209 agricultural and horticultural commodities as notified by respective state governments.

What is the significance of inter-state trade on e-NAM?

Inter-state trade on e-NAM has grown, allowing farmers from one state to sell their produce to buyers in other states. This has expanded market access for farmers and facilitated the exchange of agricultural commodities across regions.

How has e-NAM contributed to agricultural growth?

e-NAM has contributed to boosting agricultural growth by creating a digital marketplace that streamlines the trading process, reduces intermediaries, and ensures better returns for farmers.

What is the long-term goal of e-NAM?

The long-term goal of e-NAM is to provide a unified national market for agricultural commodities, eliminating barriers and facilitating seamless trade across the country.


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