Dire Crisis: WFP Funding Shortfall and Growing Hunger

  Sep 15, 2023

Doom Loop: Hunger Crisis Explained


A "doom loop" is like a never-ending problem that keeps getting worse.

The Problem:
The World Food Program (WFP) is in trouble because governments are giving them less money to help hungry people.

For every 1% less money, 400,000 more people could go hungry. This year, WFP doesn't have enough money; they're missing 60% of what they need, the most ever in 60 years. And more people are hungry.
Because of this, WFP has to give less food to nearly half the places they usually help, like Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, and Haiti.

This is bad news: 24 million more people might go hungry soon.
Cindy McCain, WFP's boss, says governments should give more help, not less. If they don't, things could get worse with more fighting, problems, and hunger. It's like a "doom loop," where WFP has to help the hungriest people first, making things even harder for others who are hungry.


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