Agriculture Mission 2021-2025

  Sep 02, 2023

Digital Agriculture Mission (DAM) 2021-2025

India's Agricultural Startups: A New Dawn for Traditional Farming



In a country where agriculture has been the primary occupation for a large part of the population, the amalgamation of technology and farming, driven by startups, is rewriting the narrative of traditional agriculture in India.

Significance of Agriculture in India's Economy:

Agriculture, which contributes approximately 16% to the GDP and employs almost half of the nation's workforce, is a cornerstone of India's economy. However, for an industry of such scale and importance, its challenges are profound.

Challenges in Indian Agriculture:

From understanding market dynamics to the adoption of modern farming methods, Indian farmers grapple with numerous challenges. These challenges also include inadequate infrastructure, climatic adversities, and outdated farming techniques.

Digital Agriculture Mission (DAM) 2021-2025:

Recognizing the potential of technology to address these challenges, the government launched the Digital Agriculture Mission in 2021. DAM stands as a testament to the government's commitment to support agritech startups that leverage advanced technologies to solve pressing agricultural issues.

Contributions of Agritech Startups:

Digitalization & Data Analytics: With startups harnessing the power of AI, ML, and remote sensing, data-driven farming is no longer a distant dream. This transformation allows farmers to make evidence-based decisions, leading to higher yields and better quality crops.
Farm Management: Through easy-to-use apps and platforms, farmers can now plan their sowing schedules, manage pests, and even decide the best irrigation methods.
Market Access: Startups are democratizing market access. By connecting farmers directly to buyers, they ensure fair pricing and eliminate the age-old challenge posed by middlemen.
Supply Chain Enhancement: An optimized supply chain ensures reduced wastage and timely market access, leading to better profitability for farmers.
Precision Agriculture: Precision, in terms of input application, is leading to better resource management, cost savings, and improved yields.
Financial Solutions: Financial inclusion of farmers through easy credit solutions, insurance, and digital payments is bridging the gap between rural India and fintech solutions.
Smart Equipment: The deployment of drones, automated machinery, and IoT devices is transforming the face of farming, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive.
Sustainable Practices: Emphasizing sustainability, startups are pushing for organic and eco-friendly farming methods.
Training Initiatives: Knowledge is power, and agritech startups are ensuring that this power reaches the remotest farmer through digital training modules and workshops.
Inclusivity: By targeting smallholder and marginalized farmers, startups ensure that the benefits of technology are not limited to the privileged.

Government's Role in Supporting Startups:

The Indian government's proactive approach in extending tax benefits, promoting tech tools like Kisan drones, and aligning with farmer-producer organizations, highlights the symbiotic relationship between policy-making and agritech innovations.


The dawn of agritech startups in India is not merely a business trend. It's a transformative journey that is rejuvenating traditional farming, ensuring food security, and heralding a sustainable and prosperous future for the Indian agrarian landscape.


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