Customized mRNA in Personalized Medicine:Explainer

  Dec 21, 2023

Customized mRNA in Personalized Medicine:Explainer

What is mRNA and How Does It Work?

mRNA Basics: mRNA (messenger RNA) acts as a set of instructions within your cells, guiding the production of proteins necessary for bodily functions.

DNA and mRNA Relationship: DNA is like a recipe book; when a protein is needed, a recipe (gene) from this book is copied into mRNA, which then directs the protein's creation.

Why Are mRNAs Great for Medicine?

Flexibility: Scientists can easily modify mRNA sequences to create specific proteins.

Scalability: Producing mRNA treatments is efficient as the method is consistent across different mRNAs.

Safety: Cells naturally degrade mRNAs, allowing for controlled dosing without longterm risks.

mRNA Vaccines: The COVID19 Example

Working Mechanism: COVID19 mRNA vaccines introduce a harmless piece of the virus (spike protein instructions) to the body, triggering an immune response.

Adaptability: These vaccines can be quickly updated for new virus variants, showcasing mRNA's flexibility.

mRNA in Cancer Treatment

Personalized Approach: Customized mRNA cancer vaccines can be developed based on a patient's tumor genetics, teaching the immune system to target cancer cells.

Ongoing Research: Clinical trials are exploring mRNA vaccines for various cancers, including melanoma and pancreatic cancer.

Future of mRNA Medicine

Treating Various Diseases: Beyond vaccines, mRNA has potential in treating heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, and genetic conditions.

Promising Examples: mRNA therapies are being explored for enhancing blood vessel formation and treating metabolic disorders like propionic acidaemia.



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