CTBT: Global Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and Security

  Nov 04, 2023

CTBT: Global Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and Security

What is the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)?

The CTBT is a global treaty adopted by the UN General Assembly, prohibiting all nuclear explosions.It is not in force.

Why is the CTBT important?

It aims to eliminate nuclear testing, thereby reducing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and advancing disarmament.

Why did Russia revoke its ratification of the CTBT?

Russia’s move is seen as a reciprocal response to the U.S. not ratifying the treaty.

How does the U.S. fit into the CTBT context?

The U.S. signed but has not ratified the CTBT, maintaining a moratorium on nuclear testing.

Which countries have not signed or ratified the CTBT?

India, Pakistan, and North Korea have not signed; China, Egypt, Iran, Israel, and the U.S. have signed but not ratified.

What does Russia’s action mean for the CTBT’s future?

It creates uncertainty and challenges the treaty’s entry into force.

When will the CTBT come into force?

Only after all 44 specific nations listed in Annex 2 ratify it.

Can the CTBT still be effective without full ratification?

it is not in legal force. It has only symbolic value today. Effectiveness is diminished, but the norm against testing remains strong.

What is India’s stance on the CTBT?

India has neither signed nor ratified, seeking a comprehensive approach to nuclear disarmament.India does not want to have its sovereignty and national security diluted.

What impact does Russia’s withdrawal have on global security?

It raises concerns about a new nuclear arms race and global security destabilization.



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