CSIR-NBRI Introduces 'Namoh 108' Lotus - A New Variety

  Aug 19, 2023

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute Introduces 'Namoh 108' Lotus Variety

The CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) has unveiled an improved variety of the national flower Lotus, named 'Namoh 108,' as a dedication to the country on the occasion of the 77th Independence Day. This new variety features 108 petals and has undergone technological intervention by NBRI to enhance its characteristics.
Key Features of 'Namoh 108' Lotus Variety:
1. Enhanced Resilience: The improvised 'Namoh 108' Lotus variety is more resilient to varying weather conditions, making it better equipped to withstand environmental challenges.
2. Extended Flowering Period: Unlike other varieties that flower for 4-5 months, the 'Namoh 108' Lotus variety can bloom for an extended period of 10 months, from March to December.
3. Scientific Research: Scientists at NBRI have fully sequenced the genome of this Lotus variety, ensuring its conservation and reducing the risk of extinction.
4. Ancestral Connection: 'Namoh 108' has its origins in Manipur, and its development is a result of research conducted by NBRI scientists from the north-eastern state.
5. Distinct Appearance: The Lotus variety is adorned with large light pink petals and boasts a diameter of around 10 inches.
To mark the launch of 'Namoh 108,' CSIR-NBRI also introduced products derived from Lotus plants:
• Apparels: Lotus fiber-based clothing was released as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.
• Perfume 'Frotus': A perfume named 'Frotus' was developed using Lotus plant extracts.
Additionally, the institute unveiled a chip containing comprehensive information about cotton cultivation. This chip will contribute to further research in the field of cotton production.
The launch of 'Namoh 108' and its associated products took place during the week-long 'One Week One Lab Programme' organized by CSIR-NBRI. The Lotus variety holds


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