Colombo Security Conclave: India's Strategic Role

  Dec 26, 2023

Colombo Security Conclave and India

1. What is the Colombo Security Conclave?

The CSC is a regional security initiative involving Indian Ocean countries, focused on maritime security, counter-terrorism, and other regional challenges.

2. Which countries are involved in the CSC?

Member-states include India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Mauritius. Observer-states are Bangladesh and Seychelles.

3. What was discussed in the recent CSC meeting?

The latest meeting reviewed CSC’s progress and agreed upon a roadmap for 2024 to promote security and stability in the Indian Ocean.

4. Why is the CSC important for India?

It offers India a platform to strengthen its leadership in the Indian Ocean, contribute to regional security, and counterbalance China’s influence.

5. How does the CSC address regional challenges?

The CSC focuses on issues like maritime safety, terrorism, transnational crime, cyber-security, and humanitarian assistance.

6. Why is China a factor in the revival of the CSC?

China’s increasing presence in the Indian Ocean, through initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative, has motivated India to strengthen regional collaboration through the CSC.

7. What are the key areas of cooperation within the CSC?

Key areas include maritime security, counter-terrorism, cyber-security, disaster relief, and combating transnational organized crime.

8. How does domestic politics affect the CSC?

Domestic politics in member-states can impact their participation and commitment to the CSC, as seen with the Maldives’ recent absence from a meeting.

9. What is India’s strategic goal with the CSC?

India aims to consolidate its regional leadership, ensure a secure Indian Ocean, and be a preferred partner for regional states in security matters.

10. How does the CSC plan to advance its objectives in the future?

Future plans include hosting conferences, establishing joint working groups on key security issues, and enhancing capacity-building in areas like counter-terrorism and cyber-security.
These FAQs highlight the CSC’s critical role in shaping the security dynamics of the Indian Ocean and India’s strategic interests in the region.


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