CITIIS 2.0: Urban Resilience through Climate Innovation

  Nov 21, 2023

CITIIS 2.0 : Empowering Cities for Resilience

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) is set to revolutionize urban planning through the City Investments to Innovate, Integrate, and Sustain (CITIIS 2.0) program, focusing on tackling urban flooding and climate challenges. This visionary initiative aligns with contemporary urban dynamics and offers an extensive framework to address climate-related issues in our rapidly evolving cities.

Key Program Components:

Climate Centers and Data Observatories:

CITIIS 2.0 emphasizes the establishment of climate centers and data observatories at state and city levels. This strategic move leverages data-driven insights for effective planning and response to climate change.

Mitigation Plans and Capacity Building:

The program aims to empower states by assisting them in developing robust mitigation plans for climate change-related challenges. Additionally, a focus on capacity building ensures that cities are equipped to navigate and adapt to evolving climate scenarios.

Integration with Master Plans:

CITIIS 2.0 introduces a paradigm shift by advocating for the integration of climate action plans with the traditional Master Plans. This holistic approach considers factors like drainage networks and water supply, offering a comprehensive urban planning strategy.

Innovative Urban Flood Solutions:

The program highlights successful case studies where cities like Srinagar, Agartala, and Davanagere have adopted innovative approaches to tackle urban flooding. These initiatives, ranging from flood monitoring sensors to extensive drainage networks, showcase the diverse and adaptive solutions that cities can implement.

Strategic Selection Process:

CITIIS 2.0 adopts a meticulous selection process, wherein 18 cities will be chosen from a pool of 100 submitting proposals. This ensures that the program targets cities strategically, aligning with their unique challenges and requirements.

Embrace CITIIS 2.0: Shaping Cities for a Resilient Future!

As urban spaces grapple with the escalating impacts of climate change, CITIIS 2.0 emerges as a beacon for sustainable and resilient urban development. By combining data-driven precision with innovative solutions, this program heralds a new era in urban planning, steering cities toward a resilient and sustainable future.


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