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  Nov 20, 2023

China-U.S. Relations:Issues

Trade and Economic Disputes: Ongoing disagreements over trade practices, tariffs, and access to markets.

Technology and Cybersecurity: Tensions arising from concerns over technology theft, cybersecurity, and the protection of intellectual property.

Regional Security Concerns: Differences over the South China Sea, Taiwan, and North Korea’s nuclear program.

Human Rights and Democratic Values: U.S. criticisms of China’s policies in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and its approach to civil liberties.

Global Governance: Clashes in international institutions over issues such as climate change and global health, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chronology of Recent High-Level Interactions:

Since 2017, there have been fluctuations in high-level dialogues, with periods of intense negotiation and significant stand-offs.

High-level meetings have been sporadic, with the last major summit occurring pre-COVID-19 pandemic and only limited engagement since.

Meetings, when they occur, often focus on trade, with less emphasis on the broader strategic relationship.

Current Status:

The relationship is characterized by strategic competition, with both sides advancing their interests in a multipolar world.

Bilateral talks are cautious, with each side gauging the other’s intentions and commitments.

There is a recognition of the need for engagement on global challenges like climate change, despite bilateral tensions.

Mutual suspicion remains high, with both nations taking measures to safeguard their interests and security.



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