China-India Collaboration:Forging Global Prosperity Together

  Oct 31, 2023

China-India Partnership: Unleashing Global Potential Amidst Emerging Crises

Setting the Stage: Global Challenges and Queries

The Ukraine crisis and new conflicts in West Asia highlight that the world is grappling with both traditional and non-traditional security threats. These challenges raise important questions about how to foster peace, development, security, and governance on a global scale.

China and India: Ancient Neighbors, New Allies

China and India are two Asian civilizations with ancient links and shared visions for global fairness and justice. Both nations initiated the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence in the 1950s, which have become norms in international relations.

Synchronized Visions: The Chinese Perspective

China’s President Xi Jinping emphasizes building a global community of a shared future. This vision has garnered international support and has been recognized in United Nations General Assembly Resolutions and other multilateral mechanisms like the SCO and BRICS.

Core Tenets for Future Development

Economic Globalization: Aim for an open world economy that represents the interests of developing countries, rejecting unilateralism and protectionism.

Path of Peace: Promote peace and development through mutual cooperation, dismissing the obsolete ways of colonialism and hegemonism.

International Relations: Foster relations based on mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation, avoiding the Thucydides trap.

True Multilateralism: Uphold an international system centered around the United Nations and governed by international law.

Common Values: Promote universal values of peace, development, equity, and justice, respecting the diversity of civilizations and governance models.

China’s Contributions and Initiatives

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and other global initiatives indicate its commitment to contributing to a shared global future.

India and China: Natural Partners

China and India, home to a third of the global population, can work together to build an inclusive, open, and prosperous world. Both nations can synergize their development, security, and civilization initiatives, embodying the will of the Global South.


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