Caste-Based Census in India: Driving Social Justice & Equity

  Oct 16, 2023

Caste-Based Census in India: A Step for Social Justice

Q1: What is the significance of the Bihar Jaati Adharit Ganana (caste-based survey)?

A: It provides accurate data on caste distribution and socio-economic status, aiding evidence-based policymaking and targeted interventions.

Q2: How does accurate caste-based data benefit social justice efforts?

A: It helps in designing effective welfare programs, tracking progress, ensuring fair representation, promoting transparency, and preventing misuse of caste certificates.

Q3: Why is a caste-based census controversial?

A: Some argue it could deepen caste divisions, while others see it as a way to address historical injustices and promote social justice.

Q4: Why is government intervention needed to address caste discrimination?

A: Historical injustice, constitutional mandates, human rights violations, social cohesion, economic development, education, employment, political representation, awareness, legal framework, and social sensitivity all require government intervention to combat caste discrimination.

Q5: What's the ultimate goal of government intervention in addressing caste discrimination?

A: It aims to rectify historical injustices, uphold principles of equality, justice, and human rights, and promote social harmony and inclusivity for all citizens, regardless of caste or social background


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