Jharkhand's Tough Exam Cheating Laws

  Dec 02, 2023

Bill on Cheating in Exams in Jharkhand

Key Points:

Bill Enactment: The Jharkhand Competitive Examination (Measure for Control and Prevention of Unfair Means in Recruitment) Bill, 2023, received approval from the Governor.

Harsh Penalties: Life imprisonment and fines up to Rs.10 crore for instances of cheating in competitive exams.

Graduated Punishments:

First Instance: Fine of Rs.5 lakh and one-year imprisonment, extendable by nine months without fine payment.

Second Instance: Rs.10 lakh fine and three-year jail term, extendable by 30 months for non-payment.

Examination Ban: Guilty individuals barred from competitive exams for a decade.

Wider Scope: Involvement of printing presses, management systems, transporters, and coaching institutes in cheating leads to severe punishments.

Financial Consequences: Fines from Rs.2 crore to Rs.10 crore, with additional imprisonment for non-payment.

FIR Restrictions: Bill restricts filing FIRs by candidates and media regarding exam papers and answer sheets.

Jharkhand's New Bill on Exam Cheating: Analysis of Pros and Cons


1. Deterrent Effect: The stringent punishments are likely to act as a strong deterrent against cheating in competitive exams.

2. Integrity of Education System: Helps maintain the credibility and fairness of the educational and recruitment processes.

3. Reduction in Malpractices: Likely to lead to a decrease in organized cheating rackets and corruption in the examination system.

4. Increased Accountability: Holds various stakeholders like printing presses, transport, and coaching institutes accountable, ensuring a holistic approach to curbing unfair practices.


1. Severity of Punishment: Life imprisonment and hefty fines might be seen as excessively harsh for the nature of the crime.

2. Potential for Misuse: Strict regulations may lead to misuse of power or false accusations.

3. Legal and Ethical Concerns: The prohibition on filing FIRs by candidates and media raises concerns about transparency and freedom of speech.

4. Pressure on Students: Such severe consequences might increase stress and fear among students appearing for competitive exams.

5. Implementation Challenges: Ensuring fair and unbiased enforcement of such stringent laws could be challenging.



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