Bharat Rice: Sowing Traditions, Harvesting Excellence

  Dec 27, 2023

Bharat rice:

1. What is the new price for Bharat rice?

Bharat rice will soon be available at Rs.25 per kilogram to provide relief from rising costs.

2. How is the discounted rice being distributed?

The discounted rice is being sold through government agencies, such as the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), Kendriya Bhandar, and mobile vans.

3. What is the reason for offering Bharat rice at a discounted price?

The initiative to sell Bharat rice at discounted prices is part of the government’s plan to combat rising retail food costs ahead of next year’s general elections.

4. What other commodities are being offered at discounted prices?

Along with Bharat rice, Bharat atta (wheat flour) and Bharat dal (pulses) are also being offered at reduced prices.

5. What is the government’s strategy to control food inflation?

The government’s strategy includes increasing the domestic availability of food commodities to stabilize market prices and curb inflation.


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