Analysis of UPSC Civil Services Examination Results

  Dec 08, 2023

Analysis of UPSC Civil Services Examination Results (2017-2021)


Data from the Ministry of Personnel reveals a significant trend in the academic backgrounds of candidates who cleared the UPSC Civil Services Examination (Mains) between 2017 and 2021.

Key Findings:

1. Dominance of Engineering Graduates:

Approximately 63% (2,783 out of 4,371) of the successful candidates were from the engineering stream.

This indicates a strong representation of engineering graduates in the civil services.

2. Representation of Other Streams:

Humanities: 1,033 candidates (around 23.6%).

Science: 315 candidates (about 7.2%).

Medical Science: 240 candidates (roughly 5.5%).

3. Postgraduate Candidates:

597 postgraduates in Humanities and 243 in engineering also cleared the examinations.

This suggests a significant number of candidates pursued further studies beyond their undergraduate degrees.


Diverse Educational Backgrounds: The data reflects the diversity of educational backgrounds among civil services aspirants, though engineering graduates have a notable majority.

Preparation Strategy and Skill Sets: The success of engineering graduates might point to the analytical and problem-solving skills developed during their academic training, which could be beneficial in the examination.

Interdisciplinary Approach: The presence of graduates from various streams highlights the interdisciplinary nature of the civil services and the importance of a broad knowledge base.

Potential Concerns:

Over-representation of Engineering Graduates: While engineering graduates’ success is commendable, this trend could raise questions about the representation and diversity of educational backgrounds in civil services.

Need for Balanced Representation: Ensuring a balanced representation from various academic streams might be crucial for a well-rounded administrative service that can address diverse societal challenges.


The dominance of engineering graduates in the UPSC Civil Services Examinations from 2017 to 2021 showcases the varying academic pathways to success in one of India’s most prestigious examinations. This trend underscores the importance of analytical and comprehensive preparation strategies, irrespective of one’s academic background.



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