Amur Falcons: Migration and Conservation in Northeast India

  Nov 29, 2023

Amur Falcons in Northeast India

What are Amur Falcons and why are they significant?

Amur Falcons are small raptors known for their extraordinary long-distance migration from Siberia and northern China to Northeast India. They are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 due to their ecological importance as the world’s longest-traveling migratory birds.

Where and when can Amur Falcons be spotted in Northeast India?

They are typically observed from mid-October to early November in regions like the Doyang river dam in Nagaland, Tamenglong district in Manipur, and Dima Hasao district in Assam.

What is the duration of Amur Falcons’ stay in India, and what do they eat?

Amur Falcons stay in India for about two months, feeding on invertebrates, mirroring their diet in southern Africa, where they winter.

What is the extent of their migratory journey and the challenges they face?

Their migratory journey, including the stopover in India, spans about 20,000 km, a journey they undertake twice a year. They face threats from habitat destruction and hunting, among others.

What conservation measures are being taken to protect Amur Falcons?

The Centre initiated the Amur Falcon Conservation Project, focusing on habitat preservation, anti-hunting campaigns, and community-based conservation efforts to safeguard the species during their migratory passage through India.


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