New Terrorism Challenges in AfPak for India

  Sep 11, 2023

AfPak:Terrorism and Its New Forms for India

Q1: How has the instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan influenced the security dynamics in South Asia?

A1: The instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan has created a more complex and volatile security environment in South Asia. The rise of extremist groups and the increase in cross-border terrorist activities have posed substantial threats to the region's peace and security, urging neighboring countries, including India, to ramp up their security measures and counterterrorism efforts.

Q2: What concerns does India have regarding the political instability in Pakistan?

A2: India is concerned that the political instability in Pakistan could foster an environment where extremist groups thrive, facilitating cross-border terrorism and smuggling of arms into India. Moreover, the unsettled political climate in Pakistan could potentially hinder the prospects of establishing peaceful and normal neighborly relations between the two nations.

Q3: How significant is the issue of cross-border terrorism between India and Pakistan?

A3: The issue of cross-border terrorism is highly significant and has been a persistent problem straining India-Pakistan relations. Cross-border terrorism involves the infiltration of terrorist groups and the smuggling of arms across borders, which has led to numerous attacks and conflict situations in the past.

Q4: How does India perceive its role in ensuring peace in the region?

A4: India sees itself as a key player working towards ensuring peace in the region. It has emphasized the importance of taking strong and decisive actions against terrorism and has urged for international cooperation to address the challenges posed by terrorism effectively. India promotes dialogue and diplomatic solutions, always ready to take credible measures towards peace.

Q5: How has the international community responded to the terror threats in South Asia?

A5: The international community has often engaged in dialogues and summits to discuss the evolving terror threats in South Asia. Various countries and international organizations have urged parties to maintain peace and work towards stability, emphasizing the need to prevent the use of Afghan soil for terrorist activities and urging the Taliban to cut ties with other terrorist outfits.

Q6: What has been India’s approach towards engaging with the Taliban?

A6: India has been cautious in its engagement with the Taliban. It has called upon them to sever ties with global terrorist networks and has advocated for a democratic and peaceful Afghanistan. India has stressed the importance of the Taliban adhering to their commitments to the international community, highlighting the necessity of preventing the use of Afghan soil for terrorist activities.

Q7: What are some of the counterterrorism strategies that India could adopt in the current scenario?

A7: India could focus on strengthening its intelligence networks, enhancing border security, and fostering regional and international collaborations to counter terrorism effectively. It could also work on developing comprehensive counterterrorism strategies that include de-radicalization programs and promoting education and awareness to curb the growth of extremist ideologies.

Q8: How have recent terror attacks impacted the perception of security in the region?

A8: Recent terror attacks, such as the one at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, have heightened concerns regarding the proliferation of terror hubs in the region. These attacks underscore the grave threats posed by terrorist organizations and emphasize the urgent need for coordinated counterterrorism efforts to maintain security in the region.


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