Haryana ASHA Workers Demand Fair Pay and Benefits in Protest

  Oct 12, 2023

Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA)

What is ASHA?

Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) are community health workers instituted by the government of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as part of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

What Do They Do?

ASHAs serve as a bridge between the healthcare system and rural communities. They are responsible for promoting healthcare awareness, providing basic medical services, and facilitating access to healthcare facilities.

Who Can Become an ASHA?

Typically, ASHAs are women who are residents of the community they serve. They are usually chosen through a rigorous selection process and are trained to provide community health services.

Are They Paid?

ASHAs are not salaried but receive performance-based incentives for various tasks like facilitating immunizations, prenatal care, and promoting family planning.

What Kind of Training Do They Receive?

ASHAs undergo a series of training modules that cover a range of topics, from maternal health to sanitation and disease prevention. The training equips them to perform their roles effectively.

How Do They Help in Rural Areas?

ASHAs play a crucial role in rural healthcare by educating communities about health issues, mobilizing them for local health planning, and providing basic medical care.

Do They Work Alone?

No, ASHAs collaborate with local health officials, doctors, and Anganwadi workers to provide comprehensive healthcare services.

What Are Some Specific Tasks They Perform?

Conducting health surveys

Facilitating immunization drives

Providing contraceptive advice

Assisting in childbirth

Promoting sanitation and hygiene

Are They Effective?

Studies have shown that ASHAs have been effective in improving healthcare access and outcomes, particularly in maternal and child health.

Are There Any Challenges?

ASHAs often face challenges like lack of resources, societal pressures, and sometimes even lack of cooperation from the community they serve.


ASHAs are community health workers who play a vital role in extending healthcare services to rural areas in India. They are trained to provide basic healthcare services and to educate communities about health and wellness. While they face various challenges, their contribution to improving healthcare in rural areas has been significant.
ASHA Workers in Haryana to Stage 24-Hour Protest for Salary and Benefits:

Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) in Haryana have announced a 24-hour protest outside State Ministers' residences on October 18 to demand a minimum monthly salary of Rs.26,000, government employee status, and retirement and social security benefits.
Since August 8, around 20,000 ASHAs have been on strike, staging sit-ins outside district headquarters and organizing candle marches and door-to-door campaigns to garner support for their demands.ASHA Workers in Haryana to Stage 24-Hour Protest for Salary and Benefits


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