US-India 2+2 Dialogue: Navigating Global Challenges Together

  Nov 03, 2023

2+2 Dialogue and Visit by US Officials

1. What is the 2+2 dialogue?

The 2+2 dialogue is an annual India-US meeting that includes discussions between both nations’ ministers of external affairs and defense.

2. Who will be visiting India for the dialogue this year?

US Secretary of State Antony J Blinken and Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin will be participating in the 2+2 dialogue in New Delhi.

3. What are the main areas of discussion in this dialogue?

The talks will focus on a wide range of issues, including the strategic India-US relationship, security concerns in the Indo-Pacific region, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and collaboration in the India-U.S. Defense Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X).

4. What is the significance of the dialogue in relation to Canada?

There have been allegations by Canada of India’s involvement with a militant group. The US has urged India, both publicly and privately, to cooperate with Canada’s investigation on these claims.

5. How does this dialogue impact India’s relationship with Russia and the Middle East?

Both nations will discuss preserving stability in the Middle East, ensuring humanitarian access to Gaza, and Russia’s military involvements, signifying the breadth of geopolitical interests they share.

6. What is the India-US stance on Israel-Hamas and Ukraine?

The US and India have discussed the direct involvement of the Hamas government in terrorist activities. They also share concerns about preventing the spread of conflicts like the one in Gaza and addressing the challenges arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

7. Are there previous instances of such dialogues?

Yes, the last 2+2 dialogue was held in April 2021 in Washington DC. There have been several high-level engagements between the two nations since then, strengthening their bilateral ties.

8. Why is this year’s dialogue significant?

With the changing geopolitical dynamics, especially in the Indo-Pacific, it is crucial for India and the US to collaborate and discuss strategies, ensuring mutual interests are protected and promoted.



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