General Studies Module Course

General Studies Module Course
To suit your convenience, we have both Full Course and Modular Courses. Full Course is 11-month long. Module Course finishes much sooner depending on the subjects you opt for.
We give you the option to design your own module. All the twelve subjects of General Studies along with the General Essay are placed in Two Groups. Each Group has six  subjects. Together they cover the entire syllabus for both Preliminary and Main examinations.
In the First Group, you have relatively high value parts of General Studies.
You can take not more than two subjects from each Group. Thus, you can create your own module of FOUR subjects.
If you want to opt for one more module, you can again choose two more subjects from each group.
When you enroll for more Modules, there will be financial incentives. Details in the fees Section.

1) All the classes of the subjects chosen by the candidate are covered in the Module subject. 
2) Recorded videos can be accessed any number of times till the Main Examination of 2021-22.
3) Tests in the respective subjects of the module - Periodical and Final (both Preliminary and Main type).
4) During the course duration, the candidate has the choice to either continue online or convert to the offline course, when we start the offline courses.
5) When the student has 2 Modules and upgrades to the 3rd one, his enrolment is the same as General Studies Comprehensive Course (Prelim cum Main).
6) On the Student’s Learning Management System (LMS), the following will be uploaded daily - In depth news analysis of the Hindu; One article from Yojana / Kurukshetra; One article from DownToEarth journal; PIB Press Release Analysis and material from PRS Policy Review.
7) When the student upgrades from 1 Module to 2 Modules, the student gets CSAT free.

Module Course is meant for whom? 

Our module course is meant for a select set of aspirants like - 
● Ex-interview 
Those who have taken Coaching elsewhere.

The Module Course is a starting point for the above sections. We have made the Course scalable because we believe it can add tremendous value to the preparation of an aspirant, however senior she may be.


Module 1             Rs.50,000/- (Rs.Fifty Thousand only)
Module 2             Rs.45,000/- (Rs.Forty Five thousand only)
Module 3             Rs.40,000/- (Rs.Forty Thousand only)
* Fees includes GST
Admission for the course is open. Reserve your seat by paying Rs 15,000, which will be deducted from the total fee of the Course. 
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