General Studies Comprehensive Course

General Studies Comprehensive Course
Current batch started on 17th October. Admissions Open.

Takeaways for October Batch
1) You will be given 15 booster classes that will give you the crux of what has been taught in the classes that have been taken place till the middle of October. These booster classes are a bonus of over and above the recordings of the classes that you have not attended.
2) Live introductory class by Mr. Sriram.
3) When offline classes resume during the current academic year, you will be provided recoverage of the classes you have missed.
4) Live Q & A sessions for the doubts on topics you have missed.
5) Facility for writing answers and having them evaluated on previous topics.

1) Monthly Magazine of Current Affairs.
2) Every Sunday there will be an Examination from what has been taught in the previous 6 days on Current Affairs.
3) At the end of the subject for example- History, there will be a Comprehensive Examination covering the entire syllabus - Preliminary and Main type. Your scripts will be evaluated by in-house subject experts.
4) From February to May - 2021 Examinations covering Paper 1 and Paper 2 of Standard Simulation for Preliminary Examination.
5) On the Student’s Learning Management System (LMS), the following will be uploaded daily - In depth news analysis of the Hindu; One article from Yojana / Kurukshetra; One article from DownToEarth journal; PIB Press Release Analysis and material from PRS Policy Review.
6) Main Examination Test Series - covering modular syllabus (few parts together) and comprehensive. Your answer scripts will be evaluated by our experienced in-house subject experts.
7) Our E-Notice Board has articles from all premier indian national newspapers and journals (like Economic and Political Weekly).
8) Study Material will be provided for every part of the General Studies Course. Both E-Book and printable notes.
9) About 50 General Essays will be covered for you along the pattern that UPSC has developed over the years. The topics range from Philosophical, Environmental, Cultural, Ethical, Social, Historical, Constitutional and Economics based. You will be provided notes for all of them.
10) CSAT Classes will be held between 3 and 5 pm, for 60 days approximately. It is a part of the General Studies Course.
11) Every student, who has enrolled for any Online Course with us, has the option of converting to Offline Course, when we start it.

What if I join after the Course commences?
Ideally, you should join before the Online Course commences, so that you can avail of both the Live Classes and the Recorded Classes. If, for any reason you cannot do so, we will provide you the recorded videos of every class that you have missed for your viewing as many times as you want, till the Main Examination in 2021.

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New Batch : 17th Ocotber 2020

Class Timings: 9 to 11 am (Recordings of the classes are available throughout the day and till Main Examination 2021).
Fees - Rs. 1,25,000/- (inclusive of GST).
Reserve your seat by paying Rs 15,000, which will be deducted from the total fee of the Course.
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