Civil Services Preparation

Civil Services Preparation
Civil Services Preparation
Civil Services Preparation

Points you must remember for Civil Services Preparation:

All the candidate should aware about the exam dates because it is subject to change according to UPSE guideline. So, candidates should be in touch with official website.

2. Why IAS ONLY?              
UPSC is most prestigious competitive exams of India; becoming IAS government provides a life less ordinary than other normal persons.

3. Set your aim
Under UPSC, there are various examinations like IPS, IRS and IFS. All the candidates are suggested to set their target for a specific service so that they can be focused and well planed  

4. How your profession will donate to nation?
After registering for the UPSC examination, one should know his potential and what variation should be followed to develop the nation.
As soon as you get the clear view, start developing the strategies and plans to become advance from other aspirants...

5. OPTIMISTICLY! IAS preparation is on incogitable demand
While preparing for the most prestigious exam, there is no finite answer for the most commonly asked questions like how many hours IAS aspirant should study in a day.
It fully depends on the student capability.  

6. Highlight the syllabus and manage your preparation
Since IAS syllabus is bulky in itself thus it is not the time to be disheartened, your syllabus should be divided into parts through which a well preparation can be done without getting irritated and confused.
Know your weakness and strength in the syllabus related topics.

7.  While studying enjoy yourself
With no doubt in saying that UPSC preparation is a lengthy and time taking process. However, the moment you start enjoying yourself  you will be never get stressed, desperate and bored , all the issues related to studies will vanished quickly. Don`t ever let die your hobbies. Always pursue it hence preparation criteria will become more interesting.

Expert  strategies  about IAS preparation
  • Expert reveals that preparation should be in aggressive mode for 10-12 months.
  • The candidate should make  an effective strategy as early as possible   and set ideal number of hours required for preparation
  • Aspirant should remember that preparation for civil services examination is for qualitative but not for quantitative preparation.
  • Cover up two subjects in a day and most of question is asked from 6 to 12 classes. Usually top rankers use to prepare for exams from school day