10 Jun

Life of an IAS officer

Indian Administrative Service (IAS)officer is considered as one of the most reputable and desirable careers in India. There are a lot of ups and downs in the life of an IAS officer, it's not easy at all to become an IAS officer.  An IAS officer is known for its responsibility who may bring huge differences in the life of public and seriously that's not a joke.  This article is about the life of an IAS officer their roles, responsibilities, career.  Civil Services Exam is a competitive examination conducted by ... Read More...
Jun 10, 2019

25 May

IAS Exams 2019 - Application Form, Online Registration, Eligibility, Dates, Pattern & Syllabus

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. It is one the most prestigious competitive exam held every year in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit aspirants for civil services like IPS, IFS, CAPF-AF, etc. There are 3 stages to clear and be an IAS:-   Stage 1: IAS Prelims – June 2, 2019 ... Read More...
May 25, 2019

24 May

India Cooling Action Plan ICAP

Significance: India is one of the world's first countries to develop a comprehensive Cooling Action Plan that has a long-term vision to address the need for cooling across sectors and lists actions that can help reduce cooling demand. The need for cooling is cross-sectoral and an essential part of economic growth and is required across various sectors of the economy, such as residential and commercial buildings, cold chains, refrigeration, transport and industry. The objectives that emerge from the suggested ICAP interventions are:   Read More...
May 24, 2019

15 May

5 Best Habits That Every IAS Candidate Should Practice

Many IAS candidates want a formula there to make the Civil Services Exams successful. They frequently wanted to know what the successful IAS candidates have done and want to emulate during their preparation phase.   The answer is that there's no secret ingredient at all according to the best IAS academy in Delhi. Only a few great habits have been cultivated by successful IAS aspirants. These five effective habits, common to all candidates who passed the IAS test, can also help you to perform your examinations.   5 Essential Hab... Read More...
May 15, 2019

11 Mar

Facts and Importance of Swadeshi and Boycott Movements

Launched in the early 20th century, the Swadeshi movement was a direct consequence of the British India government's decision to partition Bengal. The two main goals of this movement were the use of Swadeshi goods and the boycott of foreign-made goods. In this post, we will learn in detail about the facts and significance of the movements of swadeshi and boycott.   Read More...
Mar 11, 2019