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With reference to the lockdown and the i

  May 10, 2020

With reference to the lockdown and the immense economic loss it is causing, there is a genuine case for a gradual exit. Elaborate with reasons.

  1. The International Labour Organization reports that nearly 50% of the world’s labour force is in immediate danger of losing their livelihood. 
  2. The UN says women are especially suffering the deadly impact of lockdowns. At a conservative estimate, for over 50% of the world’s population, a two-year lockdown would mean the end of their world.
  3. On the other hand, there is widespread fear that lifting the lockdown would mean disaster. 
  4. We are faced with two alternatives, both of which will lead to loss of lives. 
  5. An effective complete lockdown requires physical distancing at a level not possible in India without tremendous resources from the government. 
  6. It has to be continued till a vaccine is available. If the lockdown is continued in the way it is now being done, it will decimate the poor. 
  7. And using force to isolate the poor is not acceptable in a democracy. 
  8. Therefore there is a need for gradual exit with mitigation measures, taking the people into confidence, and facing the pandemic by deploying available resources in the best possible way seems the most ethical and effective response.