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Winter Session of Parliament

  Jun 28, 2020

Winter Session of Parliament

The Winter session of Parliament will be held from November 18 to December 13.

How many sessions does the Parliament have normally?

Three- Budget session from late January till April which is the longest. Monsoon session in July-August. Winter session in November-December. It can have a special session if it wants to.

How is the length of the session decided?

It depends on the business that is to be transacted by way of passing Bills and so on. Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Presiding Officers, Leaders of the House and Opposition and similar functionaries decide. Presiding Officers of the Respective House are the Chairmen of the Business Advisory Committees. They decide finally. 

What is the role of the President?

Constitution makes the President of India the authority to summon the Parliament (Article 85(1)).

Who ends the session- prorogation?

President after each Presiding Officer adjourns the House sine die.

A number of bills are likely to be taken up during the winter session. Further, two crucial ordinances are on the list to be converted into law during the session. One ordinance reducing the corporate tax rate for new and domestic manufacturing companies to arrest slowdown in the economy and boost growth was issued in September to give effect to amendments in the Income Tax Act, 1961 and Finance Act, 2019. The second ordinance, also issued in September, banned the sale, manufacture and storage of e-cigarettes and similar products. In the last two years, winter sessions have been convened on November 21 and ended in the first week of January.