Why is Maharashtra witnessing another spike in Covid-19 cases?

  Mar 02, 2021

Why is Maharashtra witnessing another spike in Covid-19 cases?

Q. What is the news?

Q. What is the Covid-19 situation in Maharashtra?

In the last one week, Mumbai and Pune have both reported more than 600 cases in a day, something that they had not done in at least a month. Nagpur has reported more than 500 cases twice in the last week while Thane has gone past 400.

The rise is not very alarming right now. Maharashtra had been reporting between 2,000 and 2,500 cases through most of January, but the numbers were steadily, though very slowly, going down. The spike seen in the last two weeks is a reversal of a declining trend that seemed to have become permanent.

It is not a red signal yet, but definitely a yellow warning.

Q. Maharashtra coronavirus spike: Why is it happening?

One important reason could be the reopening of the local trains for the general public in the Mumbai region. But that does not explain the increase being witnessed in Vidarbha. 

Moreover, recently-held gram panchayat elections could also have played a role. 

Some areas in Vidarbha and Marathwada had reported more than 80 per cent voter turnout during the gram panchayat elections. It could have led to the spread of the disease. For instance, the Tivsa tehsil in Amravati district is now showing 32.7 per cent positivity rate. That means, every third sample is testing positive. 

Similarly, the Sasurve village in Rahmatpur, Satara district recently reported 62 new infections. This village has a total population of only 1,900. Election campaigning and voting had seen good crowds in these areas.

Marriage functions and other family events, that had to be postponed because of Covid-19 last year but are beginning to take place now, could also be contributing. That is one of the reasons why the restrictions on such gatherings have been brought back.

Q. What are the present coronavirus restrictions in Maharashtra?

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These are the present Covid-19 restrictions in Maharashtra.

* Guestlists at family functions, including marriages, or other events cannot exceed 50

* A complete ban on processions, protests, and rallies for the time being

* Buildings to be sealed if multiple positive cases emerge

* Stringent fines for people not following norms of social distancing or not wearing face masks in public

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