What is the Temporary Protection Directive of the EU?

  Apr 13, 2022

What is the Temporary Protection Directive of the EU?

Q Why is it in News ?

A Responding to the crisis, EU Member States made the unprecedented decision to activate a major European Union’s Council Directive, known as the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD).

Q What is Temporary Protection?

Q What are objectives of this protection ?

  1. To both establish minimum standards for giving temporary protection to displaced persons
  2. To promote a balance of effort between Member States in receiving and bearing the consequences of receiving such persons

Q Why establish standards?

A The Commission gives two reasons for doing so:

Q What obligations does the TPD place upon EU states?

A According to the European Commission, the TPD “foresees harmonised rights for the beneficiaries of temporary protection”, which include:

The TPD also contains provisions for the return of displaced persons to their country of origin, unless they have committed serious crimes or they “pose a threat to security from the benefit of temporary protection”.