What is one China policy? In the context of granting Taiwan an observe...

  Jun 12, 2020

What is one China policy? In the context of granting Taiwan an observer status at WHO, examine the options available before India.

  1. India believes in a One-China policy which in short means that, it considers Taiwan a part of China — 
  2. Regarding Taiwan entry into WHO, it has not yet taken a stand, but has been in conversation with some of Taiwan’s advocates as well.
  3. The WHO will meet on May 18 to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and will hold a vote to determine whether to grant observer status to Taiwan at the WHA, its decision-making body.
  4. Countries like US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, the UK — are signatories to a demarche, urging the World Health Organisation (WHO) to allow Taiwan to be admitted as an observer because its input will be “meaningful and important.
  5. China is opposing the move as the US leads a group of powerful countries and all members of the UN Security Council except Russia support Taiwan’s claim.
  6. India has a growing relationship with Taiwan but a much larger relationship with China. 
  7. Committed to the One-China policy, New Delhi has high stakes in its ties with Beijing. The pandemic crisis presents an opportunity to leverage its position on Taipei vis-a-vis Beijing, but that’s a call South Block has to take.
  8. These talks come at a time when tensions have been rekindled on the Line of Actual Control following clashes between Indian and Chinese troops in Pangong Tso, a lake in eastern Ladakh, and Naku La, a high mountain pass in Sikkim.