What does CII propose as different rules for top 100-150 economic prio...

  May 09, 2020

What does CII propose as different rules for top 100-150 economic priority districts? Discuss.

  1. As per the CII, the country’s high performing economic districts should be allowed to play by different rules in the third phase of the lockdown beginning May 4th. 
  2. CII has called for changes in zone classifications, saying that the 100-150 districts with the highest economic value — identified either through GDP contribution or density of industrial clusters — should be allowed to restart industrial activity, even in containment areas, if stringent rules are followed. 
  3. It argues that the cost of 100% testing and aggressive health protocols is lower than continued shutdown in these areas.
  4. In such a situation, the industry body argued for a calibrated exit from the lockdown in the country’s most crucial economic regions. 
  5. Within these districts, small restricted areas such as the actual street, mohalla, building or industrial complex where COVID-19 cases have been identified should be treated as containment zones.
  6. An area of about 500 metres radius around these areas should be treated as orange zones. The remaining area of the district should be classified as green zones.
  7. CII suggests that full industrial operations can be restarted in these priority districts, even within containment zones, if aggressive door-to-door testing, or group testing covering 100% of the population is carried out, and stringent sanitation and distancing protocols are followed. 
  8. Personal protective equipment would be provided free of cost for all within the industrial unit. 
  9. Workers would have to be housed on the premises or within walking distance, and both raw materials and finished goods would be disinfected and kept in isolation for 72 hours before use.