What constitutes a War Crime?

  Apr 10, 2022

What constitutes a War Crime?

Q What is the context  ?

A The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague announced that it would open an investigation into possible war crimes or crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

Q What are War Crime?

Q How to identify war crimes?

A To decide whether an individual or a military has committed a war crime, international humanitarian law lays down three principles:

  1. Distinction: This principle says that you have to be constantly trying to distinguish between civilian and belligerent populations and objects.
  2. Proportionality: It prohibits armies from responding to an attack with excessive violence. If a soldier is killed, for example, you cannot bomb an entire city in retaliation.
  3. Precaution: It requires parties to a conflict to avoid or minimize the harm done to the civilian population. For example, attacking a barrack where there are people who have said they no longer participate in the conflict can be a war crime.

Q Do war crimes constitute to genocides?

Q Why is there discrepancy in defining war crimes ?