Wearing hijab is not essential part of religion: Karnataka HC

  Apr 23, 2022

Wearing hijab is not essential part of religion: Karnataka HC

Q Why is it in News ?

A The Karnataka High Court has upheld the ban on the wearing of hijab (head scarf) by students in schools and colleges in the State.

Q What are the key takeaways ?

A The HC held that wearing hijab is not an essential religious practice in Islam and is not, therefore, protected under by the right to freedom of religion guaranteed by Article 25 of the Constitution.

Q What else did the court observe?

Q What is Hijab?

 Q What is History of Hijab in Islam ?

A Veiling during Mohammad’s lifetime

Spread of Islam and its traditions

Veiling by upper-class Arab women

Westernization of Muslim Countries 

Q What are Different kinds of Islamic clothing ?

  1. Hijab: The hijab covers the hair and chest and is common among Muslim women in South East Asia. Hijab is also a general term referring to the practice of wearing veils of all kinds. 
  2. Niqab: It is a veil that covers the face and head, keeping the eye area open. 
  3. Burqa: covers the entire body including the whole face, with a mesh window for the woman to see out of. 
  4. Khimar: It is a long scarf that covers the head and chest but keeps the face uncovered. 
  5. Shayla: A rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the head and pinned in place. 

Q What are the reactions on the Judgment ?