Trump’s Mideast peace Plan

  Jul 08, 2020

Trump’s Mideast peace Plan

Background of Plan?

Israel and Palestine are at loggerhead since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. The conflict is referred as “ mother of all problems” in Arab. Today Israel and Palestine are fighting over : Mutual recognition of each other , borders recognition , security, water rights, control of JerusalemIsraeli settlements in west bank ,Palestinian freedom of movement, and Palestinian right of return.

What is this Plan?

It is a  Israeli–Palestinian peace proposal intended to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict being prepared by the US Trump Administration

As of now, it includes the issues on- 

The economic component of plan proposes a $50 billion investment fund for 179 infrastructure and business projects.

What is the status of Plan?

Israel and USA has always opposed two-state solution” and has even not supported any United Nation led peace proposal. Palestine fear that the plan could done away with “ two-state solution”and can legalise the illegal settlement of Israelis in west bank.Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has held that Washington can no longer be regarded as a mediator in any peace talks with Israel.

Also, The United Nations and most nations around the world back the two-state solution it is a part every peace plan for decades. So, support by international community seems very bleak.

Why Trump’s Mideast peace plan now?

US President Donald Trump proposed the plan 2 years before but now he has revived it now. 

Both Trump(US president) and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces domestic troubles. Trump has been accused of trying to deflect attention away from his impeachment trial and Netanyahu of deflecting corruption charges on him. Both are facing  election campaigns – Trump for re-election, and Netanyahu because he failed to put together a governing coalition in two elections last year.