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Transport 4 All Challenge

  May 21, 2021

Transport 4 All Challenge

Q Why is it in  News ? 

Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs launched the Transport 4 All  Challenge.

  • The challenge aim at creating to make public transport safe, affordable, comfortable, and reliable.

Q What is Transport 4 All Challenge ? 

  • The initiative has been launched in collaboration with The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and aims to bring together cities, citizen groups, and start-ups to develop solutions that improve public transport.
  • ITDP is a non-governmental non-profit organization that focuses on developing bus rapid transit systems, promoting biking, walking, and non-motorized transport, and improving private bus operators margins.

Q What are the Objective and significance of this Challenge ? 

  • Objective: The Transport 4 All Digital Innovation Challenge Aims to develop digital solutions that will make public transport safe, affordable, comfortable, and reliable for all.
  • Significance : COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a halt with transport being one of the worst-hit sectors. Transport 4 All Digital Innovation Challenge has the potential to support cities to recover from this mobility crisis.
    • It will support the cities and start-ups all over the country to move towards digital transformation in urban mobility.

Q What are other Initiatives to Address Urban Transport Issues ? 

  • Initiatives to Address Urban Transport Issues:

    • National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP): The plan aims to achieve national fuel security by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country
    • Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric vehicles in India (FAME India): This scheme supports hybrid/electric vehicles market development and manufacturing ecosystem.
    • Mass Rapid Transit/ Transport Systems (MRTS): In 2017, the government introduced the new Metro Policy which aims to improve collaborations, standardising norms, financing and creating a procurement mechanism so that the projects can be implemented effectively.
    • Personal Rapid Transit System (PRT): It is a transport mode combining small automated vehicles, known as pods, operating on a network of specially built guideways.
    • Green Urban Mobility Initiative: The Indian government launched the Green Urban Mobility Initiative (GUMI) to boost green and sustainable alternatives under the Smart Cities Mission.