Quad and Malabar Exercise

  Jun 27, 2020

Quad and Malabar Exercise

The foreign ministers of the Quad countries - India, US, Australia and Japan - met on the sidelines of the UNGA meeting on 27th September 2019.

What is Quad?

What is the significance of Quad? 

What are the issues discussed?

What are the major concerns of the Quad countries regarding China?

  1. Australia is worried about China's growing interest in its land, infrastructure and politics and influence on its universities.
  2. In the last decade, Japan believes that China has tried to bully it on several territorial issues.
  3. China has border disputes with India. China is also blocking India’s path into the Nuclear Suppliers Group.
  4. A weakened US sees the coalition as an opportunity to regain its influence in the Indo-Pacific region.
  5. India has been hesitant about the Quad, in part because it does not want to isolate China and because it has had a history of staying clear of security alliances.
  6. The US and Australia, concerned that China may be looking to establish a military base in the South Pacific that would extend its military reach toward the Americas, have been striving to build an alternative model to Beijing’s state-directed lending for infrastructure projects.

What is Malabar Exercise?