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Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Progr

  Jul 21, 2020

Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Program (DHRUV)

What is this DHRUV program of government?

Union HRD Ministry launched a unique initiative for talented students Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Programme- DHRUV, which will act as a turning point in the lives of extra ordinarily talented students. 

Salient Features of the DHRUV

  1. The programme is named after a pole star called DHRUV TARA. The main objective of the program is to allow students to realize their complete potential and contribute to the society.
  2. The programme will be called DHRUV (after the Pole Star) and every student to be called ‘DHRUV TARA’. The students will thus both shine through their achievements and light a path for others to follow.
  3. The program aims to cover two areas namely Science and Arts in first phase later on more fields like creative writing will be included.
  4. In centers of excellence across the country, gifted children will be mentored and nurtured by renowned experts in different areas, so that they can reach their full potential.
  5. In first Batch of DHRUV around 60 students are selected broadly from Class 9 to Class 12 all over the country from government and private schools.
  6. From 14th to 23rd October, 2019 the students participated in various activities at IIT, Delhi and National Bal Bhawan.
  7. With children drawn from all over the country, the DHRUV programme reflects the true spirit of EK Bharat Shrestha Bharat.

Significance of DHRUV program

  1. The DHRUV will act as a platform to explore the talent of outshining and meritorious students, and help them achieve excellence in their specific areas of interest may it be science, performing arts, creative writing, etc. 
  2. These talented students apart from realizing their full potential are expected to contribute to the society in a big way. 
  3. Dhruv Tara students will act as a beacon for crores of children across the country
  4. It is expected that many of the students selected will reach the highest levels in their chosen fields and bring laurels to their community, State and Nation.
  5. This kind of programmes will make India a better place for innovation. The new innovators will be helpful for the Nation to achieve the target of 5 Trillion Dollar economy in stipulated time.
  6. Poverty will not be a hurdle for development and success of extraordinary students.