OBC Reservation in Local Bodies

  Feb 28, 2022

OBC Reservation in Local Bodies

Q What is the context  ?

A The latest order in Rahul Ramesh Wagh v. State of Maharashtra &Ors makes it mandatory that the principles laid down by the Supreme Court for providing reservation to OBCs in local bodies shall be followed across the country.

Q What is the background of the Case ?


The latest case arose out of the challenge made to the ordinance promulgated on the teeth of the Supreme Court judgments by the Governor of Maharashtra to conduct the local body elections by providing 27% reservation to OBCs.

Q What did the SC observe now?

Q Which principles is the apex court talking about?

  1. to set up a dedicated Commission to conduct empirical inquiry into the nature of the backwardness in local bodies
  2. to specify the proportion of reservation required to be provisioned local body-wise
  3. such reservation shall not exceed aggregate of 50% cap of the total seats reserved for SCs/STs/OBCs taken together

Article 141 of the Constitution

Q What are Major takeaways of K. Krishnamurthy Case ?

In this case, the Supreme Court had interpreted Article 243D(6) and Article 243T(6), which permit reservation by enactment of law for backward classes in local bodies respectively.

Q How much is the extent of Reception of the Krishnamurthy Judgment ?

Q What can be concluded from the aspirant’s perspective?