Mar 12, 2020


What is NSIL?

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will have a new commercial arm, New Space India Limited (NSIL), to help the Indian space agency commercialise its launch vehicle and other state of the art technologies in the global space market. 

Where is the need?

The announcement comes at a time when ISRO is eyeing exploration of other planets and aiming to put up its very own 30 tonne Space Station in the orbit by the end of 2030

What will it do?

NSIL will launch satellites with the help of small satellites launch vehicles (SSLV). This would be the first time ISRO will have a dedicated small launch vehicle meant for the small satellite markets in the global space market.

SRO’s various programs that stand to benefit from this move, include small satellite technology transfer to various industries, manufacture of small satellite launch vehicle (SLV) in collaboration with the private sector, along with productionisation of Polar SLV through the industry.

The new commercial arm will focus on productionisation and marketing of space-based products and services, including launch and applications; transfer of technology developed by ISRO Centers and constituent units of DoS; marketing of some spin-off technologies and products, both in India and abroad; and any other subject, which the Government of India deems fit.

NSIL and the other commercial arm of ISRO will co-exist.