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National Statistical Office (NSO)

  Mar 12, 2020

National Statistical Office (NSO)

What is NSO?

MOSPI, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation merged the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) into National Statistical Office (NSO) in a major restructuring move in order to bring in more synergy by integrating its administrative functions within the ministry. It is to be headed by the Chief Statistician of India (CSI). According to the order, Statistical Wing, comprising the NSO with constituents as the CSO and the NSSO, to be an integral part of the main ministry.  

What does CSO do?

The CSO brings out macro-economic data like economic (GDP) growth data, industrial production and inflation.  

What does NSSO do?

The NSSO conducts large-scale surveys and brings out reports on health, education, household expenditure and other social and economic indicators. The NSSO and the CSO were functioning independently.  

What is the National Statistical Commission (NSC)?

NSC oversees statistical works in India. 

The government had set up the NSC in 2006. The setting up of the NSC followed the decision of the Union Cabinet to accept the recommendations of the Rangarajan Commission, which reviewed the Indian Statistical System. 

Its mandate is to evolve policies, priorities and standards in statistical matters. The NSC has four Members besides a Chairperson, each having specialization and experience in specified statistical fields.

Why do we need reliable statistics?

Be it census or other data, public policy needs genuine data for its formulation and effectiveness. Growth, prices, employment, exports, human development, gender parity etc- all need standard data.