National Health Policy 2017

  Oct 18, 2017

National Health Policy 2017

The National Health Policy, 2017 (NHP, 2017) seeks to reach everyone in a comprehensive integrated way to move towards wellness.  It aims at achieving universal health coverage and delivering quality health care services to all at affordable cost.

The policy envisages as its goal the attainment of the highest possible level of health and well-being for all at all ages, through a preventive and promotive health care orientation in all developmental policies, and universal access to good quality health care services without anyone having to face financial hardship as a consequence. This would be achieved through increasing access, improving quality and lowering the cost of healthcare delivery.

Specific Quantitative Goals and Objectives
Health Status and Programme Impact
  1. Life Expectancy and healthy life
  1. Mortality by Age and/ or cause
  1. Reduction of disease prevalence/ incidence
Health Systems strengthening
  1. Health finance
  1. Health Infrastructure and Human Resource
  1. Health Management Information