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NanoSniffer: A Microsensor based Explosi

  May 12, 2021

NanoSniffer: A Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector

Q Why is it in News? 

The Union Education Minister recently launched the world’s first Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector called the “NanoSniffer”.

Q What is a NanoSniffer? 

  • The NanoSniffer was developed by an IIT Bombay incubated startup called NanoSniff Technologies. It is marketed by the IIT Delhi incubated startup Kritikal Solutions.
  • The NanoSniffer can detect explosives in less than ten seconds.
  • It can detect all class of military, homemade and conventional explosives.
  • It uses MEMS system. MEMS is Micro-Electromechanical System.
  • It can detect even nano gram quantities of explosives.
  • The device is priced at Rs 10 lakhs. This is one-third of the price of existing devices.
  • It had been patented in Europe, India, and US.

Q  What is the significance of NanoSniffer? 

The value of Global Explosives trace detector industry has been estimated as Rs 10,000 crores. India forms only 2% to 3% in the industry. NanoSniffer is to be marketed internationally and will thus help in growth of Indian Explosives trace detector industry.

Q  What is  Explosive Trace Detection?  

The Explosive Trace Detection is the technology used to detect explosives of small magnitude. The three main characteristics of Explosive Trace Detection are sensitivity, light weight, and size. The sensitivity or detection limit is the lowest amount of explosive matter a detector can detect. The NanoSniffer can detect even nano quantities of explosives.