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Mussoorie Resolution

  Mar 16, 2020

Mussoorie Resolution

What was the Mussoorie Resolution?

Conclave of the Himalayan States held in Mussoorie recently passed the Mussoorie Resolution. 

What are the contents?

The Mussoorie Resolution signed by the Himalayan States saw them pledging to make endeavours to protect and conserve the rich Himalayan heritage and ethos for the prosperity and well-being of the nation; cherish and nurture the wealth of biodiversity- the glaciers, rivers, lakes, forests and wildlife; preserve the vibrant folk arts and crafts, the culture and folklore to pass them on to coming generations. The Himalayan States also pledged to conserve for posterity the spiritual legacy of the mountain culture, to work out strategies for sustainable development of mountain areas with a sense of equality and justice, to cherish and conserve the history of mountain societies, their historical legends and the glory associated with the lofty Himalayas and to hand over this grant heritage in pristine form to the nation and the world.

Demands of the Himalayan States

One-day Himalayan conclave was held in Mussoorie in July 2019 in which for the first time the Himalayan states have come on a single platform to take a unanimous stand on certain issues. The 11 Himalayan states are: Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakahand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagalaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and Assam.

What are their demands?

  1. A separate Union ministry to deal with problems endemic to them 
  2. A green bonus in recognition of their contribution to environment conservation.

Why green bonus?

  1. Most of the country's rivers originate in the Himalayas and therefore the states have to play the most significant role in the prime minister's water conservation initiative.
  2. Himalayan states' contribution to environmental conservation was the biggest with their green cover.
  3. The states were also at a disadvantage because large swathes of land fell into eco-sensitive zones where all sorts of development activities could not be carried out

A green bonus thus is needed to compensate the Himalayan states for their disadvantages.

Centre promised organic agriculture, start-ups and development programmes.