Minor Forest Produce : A ray of hope in time of Corona crises

  May 13, 2020

Minor Forest Produce : A ray of hope in time of Corona crises

What is Minor Forest Produce(MFP)?

MFP comprises all non-timber forest produce of plant origin such as bamboo, brush wood, stumps, cane, tussar, cocoons, honey, wax, lac, tendu or kendu leaves, medicinal plants and herbs, roots, tubers, etc, according to the Forest Rights Act, 2006.

Why are they important for Tribals?

Almost 60-70 per cent income of forest dwellers depends on collection and sale of MFP. Recent estimates by Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation indicated that the trade value was approximately Rs 20,000 crore for 55 economically important MFPs.

What is the government scheme on MFP?

Under the scheme "Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce through Minimum Support Price and development of Value chain for MFP" Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Minor Forest Produce (MFP) has been fixed for select MFP. The scheme is designed as a social safety net for improvement of livelihood of MFP gatherers by providing them a fair price for the MFPs they collect.

How could the scheme help?

  1. State governments can use schemes to tribal labourers' benefit. The bonuses from the tendu patta sale can be given now. This would ensure that people have money in their bank accounts. 
  2. The recent Corona pandemic has led the migrants to flock again to their native places. Many of them belong to the tribal community. In this unprecedented crisis, income from MFP can come as a ray of hope.