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  Mar 17, 2020


What is the Mekedatu issue?

Mekedatu, meaning goat’s leap, is a deep gorge situated at the confluence of the rivers Cauvery and Arkavathi, about 100 km from Bengaluru, at the Kanakapura taluk in Karnataka’s Ramanagara district. Karnataka intends to build a reservoir across river Cauvery near Mekedatu in Kanakapura taluk.

Why is Karnataka embarking on it?

It is to use the water for a hydro power station and supply drinking water to Bengaluru city and Ramanagara district.

What are the objections of Tamil Nadu?

  1. That it will affect the natural flow of the river Cauvery considerably 
  2. Will severely affect the irrigation in Tamil Nadu. 
  3. In a federal structure, no upper riparian State can unilaterally interfere with the natural flow of an inter State river without the consent and concurrence of the lower riparian State.

How did Karnataka respond?

Karnataka stated that it will use only the excess water after supplying to Tamil Nadu as per the Cauvery water tribunal order.

It is estimated that after supplying water to Tamil Nadu as per the as per the tribunal award, some water flows to Tamil Nadu, which further joins the sea. The Karnataka government wants to tap this additional water and use it for drinking water needs of Bengaluru. 

What is balancing reservoir?

Balancing reservoirs is a reservoir downstream of the main reservoir for holding water let down from the main reservoir in excess of that required for irrigation, power generation or other purposes.

Karnataka state government has decided to develop a 'Balancing Reservoir' or 'Mini KRS' (Krishna Raja Sagar reservoir near Mysuru) near Mekedaatu for supplying potable water to Bengaluru and parts of Mysuru region in the near future.